Tech Snippets Today – Hatchfi – Carlos Feliciano II – CEO & Founder, with Joseph Raczynski

One of the challenges with digital assets these days is building out the plumbing. In other words, creating the infrastructure which allows for everyone to take advantage of these new systems. It is a lot of work to do behind the scenes. Hatchfi, and its Founder and CEO, Carlos Feliciano is hard at work connecting over 20 blockchains, 200 wallets and all of the APIs and platforms of the biggest players, so you can leverage and have access to your digital asset data in a much more digestible way. These are the sorts of developments which are paramount for the move from Web2 to Web3.

My conversation with Carlos focuses on what Hatchfi is doing and where their business can make an impact in the new world of Web3. He is very knowledgeable in this space and it was great speaking with him today.

Hatchfi is a crypto integration platform that supercharges fintech applications with the power of their users’ crypto financial data. Our platform provides the most secure way for consumers to connect crypto accounts across exchanges and wallets to any app, just like an online bank account. For builders, instant access to their users’ crypto financial data means they can quickly and easily create seamless crypto-powered fintech apps in minutes rather than months.

Tech Snippets Today – – Prasanna Arikala – Chief Technology Officer, with Joseph Raczynski

AI is nonstop in the headlines these days. Conversational AI and Large Language Models lead the way with these discussions. Today, I had a very enjoyable conversation with Prasanna Arikala, Chief Technology Officer at They are the the world leader in Conversational AI technology, helping companies deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, agents, and employees on voice and digital channels.

Tech Snippets Today – Ramo Law PC – Geoff Lee – Senior Associate, with Joseph Raczynski

What do Ryan Reynolds and and new blockchain version of the Bachelorette have in common? Well, my guest today discusses both as it relates to blockchain tech. Back to my roots, I spoke with Geoff Lee, an attorney at Ramo Law PC today. We dove into Web3, especially how the entertainment industry is leveraging NFTs to further brands and build communities. We also touch on IP in the NFT space.

Drawing on his background as a creative producer, Geoff Lee focuses his legal practice on facilitating his clients’ vision, providing them with the legal tools to actualize their ideas for mediums of all types. Lee is general counsel for unscripted and premium docu-series production companies such as Scout Productions, Boardwalk Pictures, and Campfire Studios and negotiates lucrative network deals for his clients’ large scale productions. As production counsel, Lee specializes in high profile, talent driven productions such as “Legendary” with Keke Palmer and Jameela Jamil, “The Big Brunch” starring Dan Levy, “Rennervation” with Jeremy Renner, and “Welcome to Wrexham” following Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElnenny’s purchase of a Welsh football team.

Outside of production legal, Lee focuses on securing strategic branding opportunities between the fashion and film/television industries as well as structuring non-traditional financing of entertainment projects through sales of NFTs on the blockchain. As part of Lee’s fashion practice, he focuses on negotiating partnerships between various brands and producers to create fashion centric media with elevated commercial and merchandising opportunities.

Tech Snippets Today – HitPiece – Kory Felton – Co-Founder & CEO, with Joseph Raczynski

Starting in 2016 when I began presenting, writing, and consulting on various blockchain technologies, one area in particular had always intrigued me, the music industry. Today, I speak with Rory Felton, Co-Founder and CEO of HitPiece. We focus on the trends and the technology, not the most recent noise from the industry.

HitPiece creates a new boundless frontier between music artists and fans through NFTs and exclusive in real life and metaverse experiences. Artists/Owners launch NFT-unlocked access to content, connections, and opportunities that thrills fans. The platform offers an NFT marketplace, metaverse spaces built entirely for music fans, and the easiest artist portal to launch into web3.

Artists have their own dedicated contracts for their collections, ensuring provenance of their projects. Collectors can show off their NFTs and listen to music in their own immersive metaverse space, The Lounge.

They believe in the vision of web3 and the opportunity for shared ownership in projects launched by music artists. artists can now connect and share with their community while fans hold true ownership over their digital assets.

Tech Snippets Today – CoreAVI – Kenneth Wenger – Senior Director, Research & Innovation, with Joseph Raczynski

AI is the topic du jour, and for good reason. According to my guest today, it will undoubtedly impact all of us fairly dramatically in the next few years. I am fortunate to have the author of “Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us? A layperson’s guide to the concepts, math and pitfalls of AI. We discuss all scenarios of AI – no real impact, some pretty interesting impacts, and then then end of times.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere—it’s in our houses and phones and cars. AI makes decisions about what we should buy, watch, and read, and it won’t be long before AI’s in our hospitals, combing through our records. Maybe soon it will even be deciding who’s innocent, and who goes to jail . . .

But most of us don’t understand how AI works. We hardly know what it is.

In Is the Algorithm Plotting Against Us?, AI expert Kenneth Wenger deftly explains the complexity at AI’s heart, demonstrating its potential and exposing its shortfalls. Wenger empowers readers to answer the question—What exactly is AI?—at a time when its hold on tech, society, and our imagination is only getting stronger.

Book can be ordered here: